Is Self-Compassion Self-Defeating at a Law Firm?

Question: I like the idea of being kinder to myself, but let’s face it — law firms are not compassionate places. The environment in my firm is highly critical and mistakes are not forgiven easily. I need to be tougher, not weaker. Isn’t it a little naive — or even self-defeating — to think about [...]

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The Gift of Self-Compassion

The Holiday season is by far a peak time for feeling overwhelmed by competing commitments and trying to meet unachievable expectations. At work, you may be trying to meet your target hours, close your deals, write your I Love Me Memo, ensure you have the right gifts and Holiday cards for clients, and attend Holiday [...]

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Turning Your Self-Critic from Saboteur into Supporter

What is self-compassion?  Simply stated, it’s being understanding and kind to yourself. Remember that this is not self-indulgence – far from it. In the short-term (for example, during highly stressful or busy times such as the holidays) self-compassion is the quickest and most effective way to rebound from setbacks. Over time, it can become a [...]

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