What Participants Get

WLF alumni report that the program is life-changing.  Every participant enters as an individual with her own challenges and aspirations – and leaves with a sense of achieving highly personal outcomes.  At the same time, participants become part of a collective experience that includes the following:

A common refrain from WLF participants is “I thought I was the only one!”  The reality is virtually all high-performing women lawyers face a common set of challenges in work and life.  WLF cohorts provide each participant the unique experience of being part of a network of trusted and respected peers who share real-time challenges, discuss solutions and best practices, and provide support and encouragement.

We believe that the skills and strategies women lawyers need to achieve sustainable success are not always self-evident – but they can be learned.  Over the past decade, WLF has refined a curriculum (2.2) specifically designed to help participants learn, practice, and master a comprehensive set of tools, strategies and frameworks to become more efficient, effective and successful at work and in their personal lives. 

Law firm life becomes unsustainable when lawyers feel they have no control over their life and too much stress.  Our program begins with the premise that leadership is fundamentally about leading your life.  Every WLF session provides participants with strategies to achieve greater self-efficacy and lower stress so lawyers can get more done with less effort.

Busy schedules and constantly being on the go means that it often seems impossible for women lawyers to find any time to reflect on what greater success and fulfillment would even look like, let alone practice the new skills that make this possible.  WLF provides a dedicated time and space to allow participants to expand their capacity to be strategic about career and life and to learn, practice and embody new behaviors.

Participants become lifelong members of a WLF alumni network that offers an ongoing community of support.  We know firsthand that under pressure, it is easy to fall back into old habits, which is why the community is designed to reinforce the learning and share new and continuing challenges, practical advice, tools and resources.  Alumni also gain access to proprietary resources and invitation-only events that support our community and learning.

“I have participated in WLF for over five years – during that time I made partner at my firm and had three more children (for a total of four!).  I love my life, both professionally and personally, and WLF gave me the tools to help make that happen.”

Preeya Noronha Pinto, Partner, King & Spalding

“As a result of my participation in WLF, I have been able to elevate my standing within my firm. In addition to being named practice group leader, I was elected to our firm’s management committee.”

Partner, Am Law 100 Firm

“I attribute a high percentage of my professional success to Susan Dunlap and the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF). Being an early WLF participant definitely helped me become an equity partner – especially as I was transitioning back to work after having my second child.  Today, I continue to engage with WLF regularly through cohort activities, as well as one-on-one coaching.”

Partner, Am Law 50 Firm

“I have been able to take charge of my career better, including the transition from career advancement through the largely pre-developed stepping stones of associate years to career development as a partner where the roadmap is often less clear. This makes every day more satisfying.”

Partner, White & Case

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