A central tenet of the Women’s Leadership Forum is the importance of working with a community of peers.

WLF programs are offered in a variety of formats designed to meet the individual needs of participants and law firms.

This format consists of a year-long series of 8 monthly experiential three-hour workshops, during which participants build skills that improve their effectiveness, efficiency and personal fulfillment. This format is designed for a group of 8-12 women lawyers — from different peer firms — who are at similar levels of seniority. This format offers participants the unique opportunity to learn from and network in a group of peers from different law firms.

This format is comprised of 8-12 women from a single firm who convene approximately once every 4-6 weeks over the course of a year. This format enables participants to explore and apply learnings within the shared context of their organization. It also builds strong internal networks that facilitate mentorship, collaboration, and business development, and develops a community of women with the potential to shift the firm’s culture over time.

We offer a variety of customized and scalable programs for law firms that build upon WLF’s foundational curriculum to meet the specific needs of individual firms. Our team works closely with senior lawyers and in-house D&I, HR, and Affinity Group leaders to design customized programs that may be offered at retreats for women lawyers as well as events that include the firm’s clients.

This customized format brings together women lawyers from multiple offices of a single firm to participate in an intensive one or two-day in-person program followed by a series of virtual sessions providing an opportunity for continuing dialogue. The benefit of this format is that it allows women from a firm’s multiple offices to participate and build strong community across offices. This format also has the potential to shift the culture of the firm over time.

Additionally, we offer one-on-one coaching to help participants fully integrate and sustain new behaviors and address particular issues or concerns.

WLF participants and their firms continue to see results long after the formal program concludes. Alumnae leave the program with increased courage, confidence, and the tools, practices and community to take their careers to the next level. They stay engaged with themselves and each other. Our alumnae frequently pay it forward by sharing their insights and learnings with the next generation.

For WLF graduates, we provide a variety of platforms, tools, and opportunities for alumnae to stay engaged, apply and reinforce learnings, and grow.

Master Class series are exclusive opportunities for select WLF alumnae to attain a new level of mastery and understanding of the vital skills that drive sustained success.

Our retreats are holistic getaways that not only refresh core WLF tenets and relationships, but also provide invaluable time for reflection and vision re-alignment —a must for busy women lawyers. Retreats feature a full yet flexible schedule including networking, training, reflection and self-care. Participants emerge feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and have a reinforced commitment to self-authoring their lives and careers.

Throughout the year, WLF offers a variety of opportunities for WLF alumni to learn, converse, and network across cohorts, including happy hours, salon dinners, and presentations featuring insightful and inspirational guest speakers.

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